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Raptr Rewards

HI. When I click on the rewards on the app or on the website, I cannot see anything. I live in the UK, don't know if that makes a difference. Can anyone help?

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 We're currently investigating this issue for you!

Sorry, I've seen it before, but I sort of need your account to remain in this state so we can figure out whats going on.

What was the reward you were hoping to get your hands on?

Well, I don't know what I would want, since I cannot see anything at all. I wanted to browse, to see what's available so I could find something to save up for.  

 Okay, sorry about that, we're looking into it as quickly as we can, sorry for using you as the test subject.

Hi, i have a similar problem. Look, when i'm looking at the rewards on the web while i'm disconnected, i can see a lot of games to choice, but if i log in on the web or on the app, i can't see nothing! Why? Any idea?
I am from Uruguay. Thanks and excuse my english please.



I have a similar issue. When I am logged out I see I can even buy entire games. But when logged in it's the same old junkie selcection I've seen for months. I even stopped using raptr as I figured you guys were never getting good rewards... now I realize my account is bugged. I am from the USA incase it matters.


Here is my selection when logged in via the Raptr Client. Vs what is there when logged out.


Same problem here, can't see when I'm logged in.




For your issue, we are not getting your dxdiag from your machines. Because of that, we can't determine what video card you have. Because some rewards can be limited based on your PC parts, it assumes you do not have the correct pieces and thus limits them. You may want to see what could be possibly be preventing us from getting your dxdiag, like a firewall or antivirus.


Which rewards are you not seeing? The games like mentioned above?


There are 3 Restrictions that can potentially prevent you from seeing certain rewards:

Location (Mentioned in this FAQ: HERE)PC HardwareRaptr Software

PC hardware indicates that the reward partners may request certain requirements such as brand-specific GPU's.

Software typically is whether you have "Raptr" or "AMD Gaming Evolved" installed.

Some rewards (such as the games offered by AMD) require a user to have both an AMD video card installed in their PC, and also have AMD Gaming Evolved installed before you can see the appropriate rewards.

If you still cannot see rewards even if you feel you meet all the above prerequisites, you're welcome to contact Customer Support regarding your missing store items.