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Account Connection Issues

Hey guys!
This has been happening for a little while, but I thought I'd give it some time.
As of right now, only my Raptr and Steam accounts actually connect properly.

Gmail and PSN hang on "Connecting". Facebook gives me a Connection Error. XBox connects, but lists 0/0 friends when there should be 1/9.

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Well, here's the thing.

So if you've enabled your Google+ account, they use google hangouts now, and the chat system api we use doesn't support that, so that explains the Gchat.

As for PSN and Xbox, that has to do with changes made by both Sony and Microsoft on how the accounts are logged in to.

We are aware of the issues with both (well, all three), but currently have no plans to fix them.

Sorry to be the bad news bear.

How about AIM? is service disconnected to that too? I'm having the same problem with AIM hanging on "connecting".


 Yes, this is because a change they made to AIM nearly a year ago... I think we may end up just removing it from the client, but I don't have an official word on that as of yet.

...I think I'll go back to using Pidgin then, and hope someone else makes a multi-client that I can use while inside of games. Raptr was good for a while but from the sound of things you guys are gutting it to the skeleton, and I don't need yet another stand-alone IM client. Thanks for the good run though; if nothing else you guys proved it was possible.


So, Raptr has essentially abandoned all the IM functionality of the client?

 I can't say that we abandoned IM functionality, as we still offer the ability to chat on our own system.  However, for us being a multi-chat client?  We don't have an official word yet on the status or the future of that.

Ok. Thanks for the info, at least.

 No problem, I'll keep you posted as I know more.