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Saints Row missing from game list in RAPTR


RAPTR did not discover my Saints Row the third installation (from Steam).

The weird thing is that I cannot find the game in the manual list either ... See attached screenshot regarding the game list.

Does anyone know why and how can I solve the issue ?

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Steam games can never be manually added.

Did you copy the game over from another hard drive?
Can you try this:


Thank you for the info regarding Steam games.
I tried the verification of the game files, no change unfortunately.
I don't remember moving the game from a HDD to another.The game is installed in my main Steam library so the chances are very slim that I moved it.


 Can you search your hard drive for ' appmanifiest_55230.acf '?

Then attach it here?

Hello Burn,

Here is the file


 Where is your Steam installation installed?  Can you give me the directory path?

My Steam is installed in here : E:\Steam
So you know, I've a lot of games installed in two librairies (the main one on E:, and the other on I: because I was running out of disk space on E), RAPTR detects most of them (if not all, I didn't checked, 84 games in my RAPTR game library). I noticed that Saints Row was not detected because I'm currently playning it.


Any news ?


Sorry we were out for a couple of days, can you try downloading this file and putting it there instead of yours?



I replaced the old file with the new one and refreshed the game list on Raptr. The game still does not appear as ashown in the two screenshots attached.

With the files ... ;-)


 Okay, search for config.vdf it should be in your Steam/config directory.

Upload that for me please.

 Hello Burn,

I've found the file but I'm a bit worried to upload it for everyone to see, since there are a lot of decryption keys in it.

Is there a way to upload it just for you or you can tell me what you're looking for in it and I can tell you the content.

I went ahead and created a ticket for you so Burn can see the file without others seeing it. Here is the link to the ticket:

Attach it there and then only you and other admins can see it.

Thank you Verun, I was not aware it was possible to create a ticket.
I uploaded the file for Burn.