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What games can be optimized

What games can be optimized

What games can be optimized 
What games can be optimized in a Raptor 
If you can find the whole list
Where can I watch it?

Приветствую, у меня очень мног игр на стиме и других платформах, но по каким то причинам они не поддерживаются вашей оптимизацией следовательно я не могу набрать очки для того что хочу, прошу предоставить мне список игр которые поддерживались бы вашей программой лоя оптимизации.

Greetings, I have very many games on the incentive and other platforms, but for some reason they are not supported by your optimization therefore I don't get points for what you want, please provide me the list of games that would maintain your program Loya optimization

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Hi there, for a list of optimizable games, you can visit:

As for games we detect, and grant points for playing, there are thousands.

If you name off some games and where you purchased them from, we can look into getting our hands on a copy of the game in order to detect it.