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Facebook chat connection failure

I keep getting a "Connection Failure" error when connecting to Facebook with the chat function of the Gaming Evolved app. I know this is a known bug, I just wanted to know whether a fix is currently in the works.

Is this being worked on?

This post ALSO serves as a place for other users to check to see the current discussion, I suppose.

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 Currently, we are aware of it, but have no plans or anything in the works to resolve the issue.

This is due to a change in how Facebook's chat works.

To my knowledge, Skype chat does the same thing when trying to link Facebook as well.

@BURN: XMPP connection works, f.ex. in Evolve App which I'm using instead of your by now (I need facebook). So, maybe if you add XMPP, facebook chat will work. But until it won't be fixed, I'm using other platform...

please fix it, overwolf facebook chat works, so its defo a bug, either remove facebook support all together or work on it please .
just leaving the functionality of connecting to facebook chat and post on your wall, yet not working is just pure lazy and looks like AMD gaming evolved/raptr has been abandoned


Yep, it looks like we're left same.

We thank everyone for the feedback.

We're currently in talks about the future of Facebook chat in the client.

We will keep your responses in mind while we discuss this further. 

Any word on this? Or is it still broken like the rest of the multi-chat accounts on Raptr?

There currently has been no update for the Facebook chat in the client.

I see this issue is still there, I understand that you cannot always support everything but having both steam as well as facebook chats not functional is starting to be a game breaker

Facebook's Chat API no longer exists:

As mentioned above, we're looking into options.

Steam we have intentions to fix, but once again, a change on Steam's side broke it for us. We have it on our to-do list. 

well fix it soon because this has always been my favorite in game FB client!