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Mantle Support

Just a simple question, I've seen this talked about before, when is mantle support coming?

Seems fairly silly that AMD software wouldn't support Mantle from the get go but what do I know.

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Well, it's Raptr software, with AMD branding.

However, we're looking into it!
Ah right sorry for that, I was never really sure on whats what with it. Great to hear though


Seems it's on its way as part of a driver update:

Correct, we now support Mantle. 

I posted a question, but I will ask here in addition. Any idea if it will eventually support MANTLE and crossfire? Not complaining just asking.

Are you on 4.2.6 version of Raptr?

We are offering support for Mantle as of that release, however Crossfire has been supported for a while. I don't think we do optimization support for it yet though. 

I am on the newest version of Raptr. I have checked with the other people I know using crossfire as well, and MANTLE + Crossfire doesn't work with Raptr. 

Mantle+One Video card+raptr works.

Crossfire + DX11+Raptr works.

Crossfire+MANTLE+Raptr does not work.

The OSD will just flicker all over the place. The problem only exists with MANTLE and Crossfire and Raptr all at once.

Fire up Raptr on a crossfire system and open up either Dragon Age :Inquisition or Battlefield 4 and use Mantle as the renderer, you will see what I am talking about.

I think when in MANTLE the OSD will only use the output buffer of a single card , so essentially every other frame doesn't display the OSD and you end up with a flickering mess. Hope that helps.

It's actually worse than I thought, I went ahead and tried to stream with it to twitch and this is what you end up with using Crossfire and MANTLE together. It cuts my framerate down from 250--300fps to 100-150 fps. and it ends up streaming like this (note the game looks fine when you play the game, but the OSD flickers, but holy smokes man that twitch stream)

Essentially you have two issues the first one is:

I have confirmed this with multiple people on

Raptr+DX11+Battlefield 4 will disable crossfire. Only happens in BF4, but it happens to everyone. Other games work fine with raptr and crossfire but BF does not. In fact the only program I can get to work with BF4 and streaming and crossfire is Action! Maybe take a look at what they are doing? I know they use AMD APP instead of AMD VCE, this also results in a lot less of a performance hit than VCE btw. I am just trying to help not trying to promote Action! 

Raptr+Mantle+Crossfire+any Game= broken really bad.

Last thing is, please can you guys change the stream options to actual resolutions instead of percents? They way it is now anyone with 1440p screens cannot stream at 1080p our only option is 720p. That is because raptr only allows 100%,50%, and 25%. (100%=1440p,50%=720p) so as you can see we cant stream at 1080p with raptr. 

And the GPU's performance is cut down and starts to slowdown, the usage graphs become jigsaw and average about 60-70 and not like it normally both at 100%. Looking forward to Raptr and AMD fixing it soon I know they will. 

I can't use it as I need both My GPU's to run 1440p at 120fps at 135% resolution scale on my 120hz monitor. I basically play upsampled to 4K (3456x1944p) on my 1440p monitor and with Mantle get 120fps, it's amazing eye candy :)

I'm really looking forward to Crossfire support!

You can see it on the link below in all it's Mantle glory!

My BF4 screenshots, settings and Gaming Rig pictures

Below is one of my screenshots at 1440p, right click open in new tab to see actual size.

ASUS Swift PG27Q8 - 2560x1440p @ 135% Res Scale (3456x1944p) internal resolution at 120hz averaging 120 FPS on Mantle :) 

I am able to record 1440p on DX11 with Motion JPEG using other software at the settings above so I have confidence Raptr can do it on Mantle too, even if they only use VCE which has a limit of 1080p, Motion JPEG can record 1440p possibly higher on my 2x 290x's.

We need crossfire support please! When is the next update coming?

Currently on the first release of Mantle recording 1080p is broken as you can see in the video, recording Mantle in 720p works great though, no stuttering or tearing!

It records 720p on Mantle really well on one card. I was using one 290x at 2560x1440p at 120hz with no MSAA and getting decent FPS average 65-70. Unfortunately I have to turn off crossfire disabling one 290x and lowering my resolution scale from 135% to 100%. Crossfire at 135% on Mantle I get 120fps average on 120hz (basically 4K).

I used to record 1440p using other software  but I find raptr more smoother so I can't wait for the 1080p fix and crossfire support so I can get some awesome 1080p 60fps recording at 135% resolution scale!! Or when you guys finally add 1440p recording, it's going to have to be through something like Motion JPEG because VCE is limited to 1080p.

I, too, am having trouble recording with Raptr and Crossfire.

1080p at 50MB/s:

1080p at 30MB/s:

I guess I'll try 720p


edit: 720p dont work either :(