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Dragon Age Inquisition Gift Pack

Hi, I'm trying to redeem my gift pack for Dragon Age Inquisition and getting my order stuck at processing. I assume I have the requirements for it but can't tell what's wrong. Tried from the raptr app, the site via Firefox and Chrome and still can't get it. Any ideas? Thanks very much in advance.

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Sorry about that!

We're investigating this issue currently, hang in there, we hope to have it resolved as quickly as possible.

Thank you for the swift response. In the light of this issue, are you planning on extending the promotion?



Any updates on this issue? I have been trying every day to get the Dragon Age Inquisition pack as well and it is still only doing the processing order screen.  Says this is a limited time promo, but with this glitch we might not be able to get the pack with our points.


The issue has been escalated. We're doing what we can to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

hi there im having same problem as the others were encountering, i clicked on the link to redeem my purchase but as the page loads there's no redeem code in origin

@saizou04 - Your issue actually sounds different than the others. You were able to get the reward it seems. You can see the code here:

Does it give you an error when you try to input the code into Origin?

Can you help me I get Cannot complete order you need to authorize location before you can complete this purchase

for the Dragon Age Inquisition Gift Pack

Thank you

Ps I hit the send email and never get a response Thank you again

Found and fixed my problem sorry

having a similar issue i have the promo code to redeem but it says code already used? and i've never been able to enter it


Have you tried contacting Origin about the code?

hello sorry for late update, the problem have been fixed hrs later from my post. thank you for your support

Hi,  i have same problem. When i want to purchace Dragon Age Inquisition Gift Pack and everytime I try t do that it stucks at "Please wait while your order is being processed. Completed orders will display on the Past Purchases page." message.


Origin is telling me that my code has already been used, please advise