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Tracking issues and all other sorts of issues.

First of all, do you know how hard you make it to figure out who to talk to? There was no moderator prescense in the old forums, and now you expect us to use these? Why should I when I tried to create a ticket and it won't let me check it? I feel like you're moving people to a platform where they can't complain there's a problem so you don't have to hear it! I've tried to create a ticket. I've created forum posts. I've sent logs from my desktop app. I'm fed up with raptrs almost nonexistent help. Your website won't track ANYTHING anymore. It got stuck saying I played dragon age for near 24 hours and it didn't track a moment of that time! When I try to connect my xbox account using the app, it keeps disconnecting with no explaination. The desktop app didn't even track my archaege time. I was coming up on my second year on having raptr, but if you guys don't give a shit about this stuff IM BAILING. It's one thing if xbox tracking is "down". But it's utter bullshit when my desktop app won't track PC games either and my friends times are still tracking perfectly fine every day! Please respond to this. I'm am beyond tired of waiting at this point.

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I just responded to your ticket as well!

Really sorry about the lack of support you received on the old forums, but it was just me and Verun for a long time giving customer support on Facebook, twitter, the forums, emails, our own communities, and Get Satisfaction.

We made the move over here so that it's all in one location (with the exception of our own communities), this will allow us to respond to essentially everyone on a true first come first serve basis (when it comes to tickets).

For the Xbox connection stuff, check your ticket.

Also, BIG thanks.  I logged in as you on the support portal, and couldn't check the status of a ticket and saw there was something wrong in the code, so I fixed it.  You can now check the status of tickets!  So, big thanks to you for pointing that out.  Good super hero team up.

However, let's talk about your client not tracking PC games.

What games are you having issues with?

Have you recently copied them over from another location?

Are they Steam games?

I'm thrilled to hear from you! It's a bummer you guys might move away from consoles, such a large chunk of gamers use them and your website had been such a wonderful way to track my time. I fell in love as soon as I signed up. I can see why you would focus more on PC, I guess. :P Anyways, no, it was the sims 4 and archaege. I launched then through the desktop app. I remember uninstalling and reinstalling the app and the games. I wish I would've known to log all that stuff for you guys.
Oh, and sims 4 my husband had copied to our external. Archaege I do believe is still installed on the hard drive.

Have you tried manually adding the games?

What likely happened is we don't know where the registry keys are anymore, or at least the ones that we're looking for.

Can you tell me if you have:



With the key: Install Dir ?

With ArcheAge, do you have the Glyph launcher?