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I dont get the full store!! HELP!!

Well i didnt know until today, my friends told me that there are some offers with raptr points available such as payday 2, When i go to my store i only got titanfall. So anyone know why i have that trouble?? i mean, im from the same country i validated my email and i use raptr for quite a long time, whats more im using raptr before the store apparition. Can anyone help me please?

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To resolve your issue, you would need to download AMD Gaming Evolved as opposed to the Raptr stand-alone client. Doing that should allow you to see all the store items in the Rewards Page. (Note: This only works if you have an AMD card as well)

so if you dont have a amd video card you wont see all the items in the store ?

Correct. There are restrictions set in place by AMD that only users with AMD cards can see the AMD rewards.

i think i have that version and i have an shappire 270x toxic.. there is something wrong with me?

my bad it solved it ! Ty man!!