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Sapphire HD 6970 2GB & GVR

Is GVR functionality available for with my Sapphire HD 6970 2 GB? If yes, then it is disable for my and I've look at other post involving GVR functionality on this website to figure it out but it has proved fruitless. In addition, Replay functionality is also disabled. I am upgraded to the latest AMD Drivers (14.9). Additionally, I've renamed my raptr.cfg file as old_raptr.cfg, yet the end results didn't waver. On top of that, I cannot enable software encoding beta in my preferences.

If my graphics card isn't support then I understand. For now, I'm just curious if it is supported.

PS. I've attached a screenshot if that is helpful.

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From best I can believe, I don't think your card is supported for GVR. It may not have the technology necessary to handle it. However, has the GVR/Replay ever worked for you? Or has it always been like this?

AMD Radeon HD 6570

I also am wondering about this. I've recorded before and now it's all disabled. I was recording DAI earlier this week and it was fine, not picture perfect but it worked for me. I was to the point I thought something was wrong with my computer.

It may have been the software encoding. Are you able to enable that in your Preferences at all?

@VERUN Ever since I deactivated compatibility mode for Steam.exe, from Windows Vista, GVR and REPLAY have become available to turn ON. I was trying to enable Steam Broadcasting and I learned that my Steam.exe may be set to Windows Vista, in compatibility mode, which was preventing Steam Broadcast from working. Afterwards, GVR BETA and REPLAY BETA became available to be highlighted and turned ON. I'm still trying to use it, however, the AMD Gaming Evolved overlay hasn't been overlaying over my games for me to test it. Nevertheless, I'll keep you updated. I've attached a screenshot to display GVR is now highlighted and ON.