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Continual authourize location requests


I have been getting the authourize location requests with the desktop app for a couple of months now. At first it wasn't to bad, however it's starting to request them every couple of days (yesterday verified, today asking again). I responded in this thread about it where Verun asked for some additional info where it was happening with other users - linky , as well as sending in a log report a couple of days ago. Any ideas on what may be the cause of this, or a potential fix for it?. 


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yeah.. Im getting this every couple days. I didn't delete cockies with ccleaner, its not my anti virus, I dont understand.

It's basically something we'll have to fix on our end of things. Although the issue is usually caused (at least what we're seeing even though it shouldn't be doing this) by being on a different IP from the last time you got the authorization email. However, that is a lot of users that it could affect and is definitely not intended. We're still investigating it, but keep in mind that we just went over a holiday weekend, so work activity was slowed down for a few days.

Cheers for the reply Verun. All good in regards to timeframes as at least it's being looked into for a possible fix. Thanks and appreciated :)

maybe this is because we use auto IP, not a fixed one.. (not good idea for security). The ip is changed when restarting computer or router..

That very well could cause it but it's not something that we should enforce on our userbase. It's something we're looking at but I don't have a full idea of when it's going to get resolved. More than likely just one day it will work. Thanks for understanding though guys/gals. 

I'm getting this from so much time now. It's very annoying. Especially because I never restart my router and almost never turn off pc (at night also). I keep getting it every time i try to access rewards even if my IP never changed for over a week (in fact due to my nerdiness i rarely change ip for over 6 months). If it can help in tracking down the issue I add this here: I have double network card in my PC and I both use them (dual connection). Seems like the app randomly choose the interface to check for the ip (my primary NIC which i use for gaming, the scond NIC i use for streaming). It should be added in the option a way to bind the app to a fixed net interface to avoid this (or at least check the IP against ALL the NIC interfaces available on a PC). Maybe I could fix it by settin my routing table accordingly (i didn't tried it yet), but for not tech savvy it should be fixed on your end.

also here, every day :(

no cookie cancelled, and it occours yet if i keep on the modem in a day and the day after