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Cannot Complete Order

When I try to purchase the reward this message appears. What can I do? I sent a message to Raptr but they don't reply. Please help!

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Which reward are you trying to purchase?

the 200 SMITE gems...

They replied and said "Yes, this is because the 200 gems were already claimed by the associated username 

xxbautixx.  Unfortunately, we can only offer this reward once per household." 

I'm still like WTF? that's a friend and lives 20 miles away from me -.-

You both logged in from the same IP address, have very similar user profile pictures (slight color change), and have the same computer specs.

However, it appears you were able to purchase the Brazilian Smite Gems so is your issue taken care of?

Because we are friends and he comes to my house every now and then.... and the picture is the Smite's Clan pic (the colour means the role, etc...) I doubt about the pc's specs... mine is a potatoe ._.

Anyway, I bought the NA Smite Gems and tried to exchange it with another player for LA Gems... I got scammed anyway, so I can't care less.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do regarding you getting scammed via a bad trade. Raptr doesn't take any responsibility for users attempting trades and ones that might end up getting scammed. However, if you let me know the username I can investigate a bit at least. 

Yeah I know that... the username is perromono