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Not received my sign-up Reward

I have not received the 500 Points for signing up?

1 person has this problem

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We're aware of this issue and are currently investigating the cause and solution for it. Thank you for letting us know.

I am missing mine as well.


We have created a tool that can fix it. You should both now have your 500 RP back. 

If anyone else is having the problem, feel free and let us know and we can get you the points back.

Hi, I didn't receive those points, I'm in the same situation.


@Juankaloid - Slightly different issue actually, much easier to fix :-)

You should be good to go now.

I havent received my signup bonus either. I think I did all that was needed. Thank you in advance

@oneirovates - You should be clear now.

 @verun - what about this?


@Juankaloid - We're still looking into that issue. But I believe it's priority has been bumped higher since it has been going on for some time and we have new rewards. Hang in there, we're doing what we can.

Thank you!


Hi, I have the same problem. Can u help me?

@icaromarley5 - Issue fixed. Thanks for letting me know :-)

I also still have not received sign up points. Same issue :(