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AMD GE does not download detection file and never completes scan for optimizable games

I have been trying to update my library to include a handful of new games I have acquired, and have not been successful.  I used to be able to scan my library and optimize my games, but it has recently stopped working with this latest update.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled AMD GE twice, ensuring all files are deleted and registry settings removed.  I currently have 115 Steam games as well as a few games under Trion Glyph, Origins and Ubisoft Uplay.  Most of my game files are stored on a secondary HDD on my system identified as E:\ and are playable without issue.

I've let the scan run for over an hour, and it just seems to never complete.  I've also tried wiping out the raptr.cfg file and starting fresh, also to no avail.

Any help is appreciated.

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I added this topic, and submitted a ticket 8 days ago and have not heard anything on either one.

Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there anyone from Raptr that can help??

Sometimes with new updates to Raptr, some antivirus and/or firewalls can give us a false positive and block access. Have you checked any type of antivirus or firewall that you may have to see if Raptr is being flagged?

I'm using ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8 and the regular Windows Firewall that comes with Windows 7.

I looked at the logs for both, neither of them have any issues with Raptr.

I used Fiddler to inspect the network activity, and I can see that there is data moving back and forth, but not sure what exactly is and/or isn't happening beyond that.  I see the POST to op_client.php?op=get_detection_version, which does get a response, but I don't see it downloading a detection file.  The application may think it already has downloaded it.

I'm happy to help troubleshoot in any way I can... I'm a web developer, so I'm no stranger to looking at JSON calls and such.  Let me know what data will help and I'll get it.

I know you mentioned nuking the config file. Did you try deleting the entire Raptr appdata folder?

Sure did, more than once.

When you start up Raptr and get this issue, can you send in logs after that? We'd like to take a look and we might be able to see what is causing it.

To send to your log files:

1) Open the Raptr client

2) Right click on the Raptr icon in the system tray

3) Click on Help, then Feedback.

4) In the window that appears, check the box at the bottom (Send log file).

5) In the text box, please either describe the issue or paste the forum link for your issue.

6) Hit send.

7) Post back here when you have sent your logs.

(Please make sure that you do not have a game open when you're sending your logs.) 

Feedback with log sent.  Thanks for assisting with this issue!

Now word in two months since I sent the log files.  Is there anyone from Raptr that reads these?

Issue is being resolved in Ticket #1923