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First time rewards

I saw the issue with the Sign Up reward, but just wanted to add that additionally I'm not getting the Verify Email, Optimize Game, or Join a Community rewards either.

I did solving my game crashing issue by updating to the latest AMD drivers, so there's that going for me! :)

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I have recovered the 500 RP from you. I'll keep investigating the other missing RP though.

EDIT - Do you know when you verified your email? Or optimized games/joined a community?

I can not get the "Veiw first community post" or the "Visit the community daily" to unlock. Am I doing something wrong?

Looks like you're able to get them now. Saw that you earned the "View first community post" on the 17th. Let me know if you have any other issues.

I'm having the same problem as Subombaru with "View first community post" and "Visit the Free-to-Play Store for the first time".

I've also noticed that first time optimization awards can be missed, I suspected this in the past and today I watched as it gave me two seperate 20 points awarded messages for first time game optimizations while my total points score only rose by 20.

@groete - I went ahead and got you your 500 RP, and looks like you got the points for the Community Post and F2P store.

@nashathedog - Sounds more like a pop-up issue. You should get 20 RP per game.

It's just done it again, I bought Dragon Age origins Ultimate edition yesterday, Today I pressed the optimize button because it said 6 games are not optimized and got a pop up saying that I get 20 points for optimizing Dragon Age origins Ultimate edition for the first time but it did not actually add the points to my score. It shows up on the list of what I've been awarded points for but it's not actually added.

Can you suggest what I can do about this please. I can't even figure out who to contact about it.

Is it a bug associated with using the optimize button on my home page rather than going to that game and doing an individual optimize?:


I just started a new topic for this.....

From best I can tell you did receive the 20 RP from Dragon Age Origins on Jan 1st. It's possible the RP may have been delayed in getting to your account. I'll see if I can't find your other post and get there, but I'm jumping around a lot today.

@ Verun, Thanks but don't worry about it, I'm not sure of the reason why it's doing it or if others have the same problem but The next day I went into the community and instead of getting 5 points for doing so I got 45 points added which covered the two game optimizes they awarded the day before that never got added to my running total, It's strange because it never used to do it.

I wonder if it's to do with the amount of data I have installed, I've got roughly 700 games installed across 6 tb's worth of drives.

I can not get the "Veiw first community post" too :(

@NotShetvicious - I went ahead and grated you the RP value for the "View First Community"