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fps dips when playing bf 4 while gvr active

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Disable origin in-game menu helps reduce stutter while using GVR by 90% while no stutters when not recording. i say 90% reduce because there is a stutter like once and then it gone until the end of the recording. i havent tried record 3 game straight and see if that "only once stutter" exists at each recording without closing the game. You can watch this youtube footage of the recording.. The fps touch 31-33 although playing on 1080p with all settings turn to high, no anti-aliansing, ambient oclusion SSAO, and antisophric filtering medium. Forgot to mention that the gvr settings is high 1080p at 60 fps. 

Here's the link: The stutters happened at 9:30

Im using only a normal western digital blue 1 TB. Maybe its just my hdd cant keep up with the recording.. If i use something like 7200 rpm harddrive or SSD maybe the stutter wont happen..

what do you mean by "Can you just play with Origin off?"   you mean close the origin client completely while playing battlefield 4 ?        

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I believe I meant more with playing without the Origin overlay. The video appears to look really good, I noticed a small stutter but it's hard to say if that's just from the movement of your character running, or as a result of the drop of framerate (Looks like from around 40-50 down to 20-30)

Okay then. Thanks for everything. I really likes to see the improvement of this amazing app. :D