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Account Compromised

My account appears to have been hacked and the email address changed to, because of this I can't change it back or change my password, but can still log in with my old password. Please let me know how I can get my account secured and the email address changed.


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I went ahead and changed the email for you back to what it was originally. I also sent a password reset request to your email. I saw a purchase for 400 Smite Gems back in early November. I'd like to get a confirmation to know whether you had made that purchase or not. 

I've had the same thing happen to me, but the email address is , and there has not been any purchases using my points.


I changed the email back to what it was previously. I also sent a password reset request to that email so that you may change the password to something different.

I have the same problem here... thats the e-mail i saw about a week ago, cant change it... pls help.

@ardansiu - I changed your email back to what it was and sent a password reset request. I do see a purchase that could have been wrong. Did you make a purchase for 400 Smite Gems on Nov 7th?

This has happened to me too adn Im unable to change my Email address at all.. Apparently theypurchased gems on my account too.. wtf

@scarx99 - Your issue was taken care of in our ticket system. Thanks for letting us know.