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Account hacked

My raptr account has had its password and e-mail changed. I've sent an e-mail about this to on the 26th of November and another to on the 1st of December. I have used 2 different e-mail addresses since I joined raptr back in 2010.

Please reply with other steps I can take.

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The account in question is: Ahmedio
I've created this account today since I cant get access to my main.


I went ahead and changed the email to and sent a password reset request to you. I also refunded any lost RP that happened because of the compromise. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hello thanks for the reply, I have not received an email for the password reset. is still linked to the account ahmediostar, I think its easier to link my original account (Ahmedio) back to its original email which is

Okay, I changed the email to I also sent another password reset request. The other method I use does not prompt me that it does not work if that email is used for another account. I double checked this time around and it should have sent. However, let me know if it still doesn't.

I got access to my account, thank you very much Verun. :)

this account has had its email changed to something other than what it should be, and I can't change it back; I submitted a ticket, but haven't heard anything. All email is going to someone else's. I believe my account has been stolen, but it appears to be in some kind of 'frozen' state. Can I please have someone work with me to change it back? The account is currently under, which is wrong. I don't know who this is, or why their email is now in my account, taranwalker. The correct email is Please help me fix this.

@taranwalker - I looked up and found your ticket and just resolved the issue for you. Let me know if you have any other issues though :-)

This account has had its e-mail changed and I can't change it back. This account is under, which is wrong. The correct e-mail is (used for registration). Please help me to fix that. Thank you.


@klerck - Your issue appears to have been resolved through our ticket system. Thanks for writing in :-)