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Problem with Raptr client


I have a problem with the client.

It doesn't work.

The login doesn't start.

The program is blocked to the login menu.

I tried to deactivate Comodo firewall and Kaspersky Antivirus but this didn't work.

The Raptr client is in the exception menu of the security programs.

Can you help me?

I attach the Raptr log file.

Thanks for your helpfulness.

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Can you nuke your config file? To do this:

1) Close down Raptr/AMD GE

2) Press the Windows key + R to get the run command box up

3) Type %appdata%\raptr and press Enter

4) Locate raptr.cfg

5) Delete this file (or rename it)

6) Restart Raptr/AMD GE 

You'll have to reinput any kind of account information, if you were able to do that before. 

Let me know whether this works for you or not.

It works but only one time.

The program doesn't work again from the later logins.

Very odd. Can you try this, so we can make it fresh?

Follow the instructions above, login (which I believe you said should work) and then logoff, shut down the client, etc. After that, open Raptr back up and when you're unable to log in or get it working, can you send in your logs?

To send to your log files:

1) Open the Raptr client

2) Right click on the Raptr icon in the system tray

3) Click on Help, then Feedback.

4) In the window that appears, check the box at the bottom (Send log file).

5) In the text box, please either describe the issue or paste the ticket number for your issue.

6) Hit send.

7) Post back here when you have sent your logs.

(Note: Make sure that you quit out of any game you are in before you send in your logs.) 


Now, it looks to work.

I removed the automatic login and I start the client manually.

And I added the raptr.cfg file to the exceptions of the security programs.

Oh good! Glad you were able to solve it!

Let me know if any other issues arise. 

hy my raptr does not start , i try unninstaling but not working .. what can i do ?