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The Crew running R9 290x

Dear sir or madam

I am writing to you to ask some questions about optimization.

My AMD Gaming evolved set the crew on high and it still goes about 32-36 FPS.
There must be something wrong. I am running just 1080P. Is this really all that can this GPU For 500$ run?

Yours sincerely 


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That is, unfortunately, true. 

Not sure if it's bad optimizing for the game or not, but on our testing with a 290X with the Crew at the Highest Setting, we only got 23 FPS. 

Seeing as you're not on the highest setting, but close, it would go up a bit.

The Crew is just a beast of a game I guess.

On my gtx660 it runs at 60fps constant with SSAO, FXAA and all settings on high. Yours is more powerful so it should be something else. Also the fps limit is initially set to 30, try changing it to 60 if you haven't done it already.

It is possible The Crew is better optimized for Nvidia right now. However, we'll do some more internal testing.