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30% CPU usage when idle?

Hi, I'm having an issue where the gaming evolved program is using 30% of my CPU when idle. When i first launch it CPU usage is normal, but after about 15 mins it rises to around 30% and stays there until i restart the program. I don't think i had this program before, so it may be from a recent update. Because of this, my CPU is not underclocking and undervolting when it  should be and is wasting power. :(

I've attached some screenshots. It seems to be mainly due to raptr_im.exe

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 Right click on the Raptr/AMD icon in the system tray.

Select preferences.

Then on the selections on the left, select: Privacy.

Uncheck use Libtorrent.

Hit okay. 

Close the client and restart it.  Are you seeing the same things?

Additionally, do you leave a chat window open while you're idle as well?

I'd tried that before but it didn't work. I think I solved it though. I must have had a bad driver install, because after reinstalling the problem is gone.

I have the same problem now (44% usage when idle). LibTorrent is off.
How do you guys fixed that crap?!