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 Hi, I signed up a few days ago, but didn't receive the 500 points. What's the problem?

Thanks in advance

3 people have this problem

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I have the issue. Apparently a lot of people are having this problem.

Thank you for solving this issue, but now, when I try to buy the Zeus reward, it stays "Please wait while your order is being processed. Completed orders will display on the Past Purchases page.". I've left it there for like 12 hours when I left home, and nothing, I can't redeem it. How is that I'm having trouble after trouble?

The Processing error is something that we're currently working to resolve. Hopefully it shouldn't last too long, but we've recently heightened the issue because of how many users it is affecting. 

We have recently solved the current "Processing Issue" for users. Although we have tested this out with a few users with absolute success, we cannot account for every single user. You're welcome to purchase the rewards you have been wanting, but if you continue to have issues please let us know and respond back to this forum or create a ticket. We thank you for your patience.