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An ability to record any game using GVR, not just the games in library

Hello! I know this feature has already been suggested but I think it is still worth creating a new thread after forum closure. Is this feature still planned and if yes, when will it be implemented (Q1 2015/Q2 2015/..)?

An ability to record any game is awesome because it allows to record localized versions of games, old titles, mods, 3D Editors, etc. Just to clarify: I am talking about AMD Gaming Evolved client and its GVR feature that allows to record games using integrated H.264 encoder on AMD GPUs.

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Yes Agreed ^^^


Would you rather it be any game, no matter what it is?

-Is there a particular game you're thinking of that you cannot record in?

Or would you rather it be able to record the desktop?

I personally want GVR to have identical functionality to ShadowPlay, that means:
- an ability to record any 3D application/Game
- an ability to record desktop

I think GVR won't be able to record all localized versions of games. There are tons of localized versions of games in Russia from 1C that use different .exe, different registry entries and their own protection system from Starforce. I doubt GVR is able to track them. Mass Effect Gold Edition from 1C as an example. These localized games are not available on Steam or any western digital distribution service.
I am a game developer, and I for one believe this feature to record any game would be very helpful, especially when other recording software lowers my performance while recording my own game.


 @ Zuon, yes exactly, i'm currently working on a CryEngine EaaS project, i want to record parts of it, the quality and efficiency of GVR is perfect for that.

I can understand why they have this setup where only games they have listed work with it, perhaps it's so people don't abuse the points system by just having random things running in the background to clock up points.

Perhaps they could de-couple recording from the point's system, so that recording is user optional while keeping the points system as it is?


Or they could restrict the point system from only taking effect while playing listed games.

@ ZUON, Yeah that would work

excellent proposal,i agrred

- an ability to record any 3D application/Game
- an ability to record desktop

Yeah, I found a fork of OBS that works to record AMD GVR rather well, however I still think Raptr is slightly ahead, well I can't get it to work with Anteworld:Outerra.
Surely all games and desktop has to be implemented at some point. Lets get this feature already before I buy a goddamn Nvidia card.

So much, yes.  For example, I want to stream Pillars of Eternity... but I can't because Raptr hasn't added it to their library yet.

To be honest, these senseless limitations are pushing me to use other programs, because this is silly.  Can't record, because it isn't added, can't add manually, because Raptr needs to update the list of what can be added manually, to ANOTHER manual list.

Would LOVE this. Hope we get it!!!

Uhh....actually we released it a few days ago :-)

The new client does not rely on our game detection, so the amount of games it can record is far larger. So if you only want to record, it's a pretty good piece of software. You can get it here: PLAYS.TV


Your answer to "we'd like the AMD Gaming Evolved/Raptr game recording client to be able to record anything" seems to be "download a different recording client."

Please correct me if I am wrong or somehow misunderstanding you.

It seems to be ^^^ i certainly can't add my own development from the GVR menu.

so unistall and get Plays TV