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Using GVR with Mantle API on Battlefield 4

So today, AMD rolled a bunch of updates. One of the interesting for me is that the ability to record while using mantle API. I upgrade all the driver by downloading the catalyst omega installer, remove the existing AMD  Gaming Evolve App and then reinstall that which is on the bundle with the installer. Then go to the BF 4 Test Range and test it. I was able to play with my r9 270x 2GB card by making all settings to medium and upped the resolution scale to 125%. After playing around, i start the recording. The frame drops is visible through the fps numbers but not noticeable due it drop from like 90-120 fps into something like 78-90 fps or maybe even more. So far so good. 

Then i stop the recording. I quit the game and see what was the recording like. The screen tearing appeared on recorded gameplay is so terrible. Its far cry while dx11 is ton better. But dx11 tends to drop whenever there are some explosion while on mantle, it looks like nothing happened. 


-dx11 GVR: overall good, fps drops, no tearing

-mantle GVR: its still new, fps is amazing, horrible screen tearing

Is anyone else having the same experience?

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I have the same problem(latest raptr and omega drivers), i tried it on 14.11.2 too, same. 

I think ive got the same problem, is it like this?:


ive got the same graphicscard, but 4 GB version of it


yep. Its the same as yours. If you enable V-Sync and record at 1080@60fps, it will result like that. If you set the recording to 30 fps, it tons better but still tearing like the screen split into half. 

You guys are lucky to have something that looks like BF4, mine recording looks like this:

@ High settings i raptr. BF4 1680x1050@LOW R9 270

Yeah i've got the same problems with my recorded video, allot of screen tearing and stuttering even tho I didnt had any problems ingame while recording. I've got v-sync disabled ingame but enabled in the AMD settings.

A good example is right at 20 seconds in and around 9:00 min

We're currently investigating the screen tearing issue in BF4. Although the more proof, the better. Thanks for letting us know guys :-)

Go Verun! The performance minus when recording is amazingg! Really looking into the fix :D

I'm getting the same stuttering on one GPU haven't tried without Vsync. The effect when recording is pretty much nothing so looking forward to you guys fixing this, also thanks for fixing the 1440p scaling issues that were present before.

I did notice that if I had MSI afterburner open with rivertuner statistic server (RTSS) on screen display turned off [show on-screen display = off] in the RTSS settings for BF4 the screen would twitch if moving in a circle pattern or just moving left or right. 

After closing MSI the problem went away so i will use Catalyst to set overclocking and fan speeds when it's fixed unless the compatibility is fixed with MSI AB. I guess I can try to actually close RTSS completely and not just the on screen display, I'll post back how that goes.

The scaling issue is still there if I record on DX11, 1440p monitors text is all jagged but on Mantle it's scales correctly so it looks like it was native resolution.

Here is a screen capture of the videos for comparison.

DX11 1440p scaling:


Mantle 1440p Scaling:


VCE struggled to keep 60fps even at 1080p, Motion JPEG can do it easily even on 1440p on other programs, hint hint!

EDIT: Just checked some videos I made today and it seems the new version can keep at 60fps better, great job guys. I still want Motion JPEG, why limit AMD's recording capability to VCE's 1080p limit? I can record 1440p on my 290x's at 60fps while i'm playing at 120fps with almost no impact on FPS using bandicam! I don't know if it's because of the codec that has less FPS impact. Competition is great! Good luck going forward!

For me turning off fullscreen repaired broken recordings. 

Performance is quite good because I don't forget about that I have 2 core CPU. - PDC G3258 @ 4,6 gHz.

There's small desynchronization as you can see, but same thing happens during recording DX game:

Also overall stability of games is low, especially BF4, playing ALT + TAB very likely fc game. Sometimes with BSOD and atimpag.sys mention.

well.. for me, turning off full screen resulted a static bizzare image.. Cant see anything i dont know why.. 

The best config for me is that record the game, enable / disable v-sync, and limit the recording to 30 fps. There is screen tearing but not as horrible as if it was 60 fps.

@PICAPAUKRK "For me turning off fullscreen repaired broken recordings. "

Indeed, but for me its unplayable then, due to fps drops because of raptr overlay and the window gamescreen. I still get about 60-70 fps but it feels like 30 and mouse control is very slow and delayed.

Tried mantle recording:


Tried vsync on/off. Windowed/Borderless...nothing. I even re-installed amd drivers and such, but still my recordings look like that image.

So how do you fix it?