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Client wont login at all

 So i just removed / cleaned my display drivers and updated to the Omega ones today. I was hoping to try the Raptr client again as i thought it was horrible many months ago and havn't used it since.

Upon downloading and loading the client, and inputting the correct login details it just spins on "connecting" for about 30 seconds then comes up with a red error message at the bottom of the client " cannot connect to please check your internet connection and try again later "

well laugh my ass off, it's still as broken as it was months ago -.-

Is there a hotfix for this issue ? I can login to the website / this forum with the same details... and yes... i'm on the internet.

Edit:  before i get a bot response - .Yes i have done a clean reinstall, Yes i have nuked my cfg file etc etc.

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Just a heads up, we've never had bot responses on forum posts :-)

Have you checked your antivirus/firewall? Typically with new versions of the client we get re-flagged a false positive and tends to block any kind of access. 

I've been having this issue for a couple months. When it happened today I just got annoyed enough that I came on here and searched, found your post and the response. Going into my antivirus and adding raptr to the exception list worked. I was able to log in immediately.