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Having trouble with CCC instal of GPU drivers.

Have tried to instal from the DVD and both the downloaded version from AMD website, but still it refuses to register the instaled driver software. And the checklist after instalation shows that it's all instaled succesfully. But after reboot it does'nt show up in CCC. And Fireburner tells me that it can't detect any GPU. 

Machine HW list: Mainboard, MSI 990FXA-GDA80

                            GPU         , MSI Radeon R9 290 'OC' Gaming 4 GB

                            CPU         , AMD FX-8150 8 core processor 3.60 GHz 64-bit

                            RAM         , Corsair Vengance 16 GB

                            OS            , Windows 7 64-bit

Please help me! Desperat in need of help!

In advance thanks for any help supplied from this forum. :)

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