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World of Warcraft hours and achievements aren't syncing to the Raptr app.

In World of Warcraft, I have nearly to 5,500 hours (230 days) played in-game. In the app, it claims that I have merely an hour or so. Is there any way to fix it so it syncs to the game and make the hours correct?

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In the time you've been playing WoW, has Raptr been open the entire time? 

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer hours from WoW's in-game played time. Blizzard does not make this readily available. 

As for the WoW achievements, I'll have to take a look. We hadn't heard any issues about them recently, so never peered to see if they were doing okay. From best I can tell, they are somewhat accurate, but are still missing a few things. Have you tried clicking the "Update WoW Achievements now" link in your Identities and Achievements page?