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500 points not received at sign-up

 Hello, I signed up, and the points page says I received 500 points, but I never actually got them.  Can you help?

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 I'm still waiting on this...

Yeah I've had a ticket open for about 3 days with no response yet...
I think they've probably been so overwhelmed by people with this issue that there's a backlog for them to get through.  Good thing the reward I wanna get isn't gonna expire till February 18th.  It would be a bit ridiculous if I didn't get my points before then.

Both of your issues have been resolved. You should have your 500 RP now. Let me know if you don't see it for any reason.

Hi, I am still waiting for the Raptr points of 500. I completed the Survey which I got the point from survey from didnt get point from the Raptr. Could you check that out?

@jomin04 - It appears you received the 500 points on December 31st. 

You can go here to figure out what recent points you have received or spent: