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Brodcast first Twitch stream

i was streaming using twitch but still cannot get the rewards also i want to know if Romania is a valid country ..

Anyway i unlocked all from Boot Up and i didnt get 500 Rp , do i need to unlock everything from Game On and Join the community?

Well.. the last question is  :When can i buy, with Rewards Points , Riot Points (In game) as Smite as?

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There was a slight bug that was preventing users from getting the 500 RP. We fixed it and I put your username into the tool, so it should be corrected now. 

Romania should be a valid country, but it depends on the reward. 

We've tried reaching out to Riot (LoL) before, but they didn't seem interested. 

also... i have  now an another problem ,, i can't add minecraft in library and i don't get any points

Minecraft can be a tricky game. Where is your minecraft.exe located on your PC?


Are you using a special launcher for Minecraft at all?

I don't know if it is special... it is the only launcher that i have used TeamExtreme Minecraft Launcher 3.4

It's very possible that with that type of launcher we may not detect the game. Have you just tried adding Vanilla Minecraft (and it's launcher) from ?