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500 RP Sign up reward

I just did not get the 500 points :(

16 people have this problem

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Yup same here :( I do hope this is fixed soon. I'm sure its annoying for both users and support staff here.

I went ahead and fixed the issue for both of you. You should have your 500 RP now.

I signed up and did everything, but no 500 rp for me neither. :(

You're good now. 

Great, thanks You very much!

I've got one more question, now it says I need to verify my e-mail and I'll get 200rp.

I already did that when I signed up, but I think I didn't get any rps for that.

Can You check that, please?

Best Regards

It appears you did receive the 200 RP on Nov 30th. 

Same here, I signed up and I didn't get the 500 RP's :\

@vladputaru - Good to go now. Thanks for letting me know!

i have the same problem,

@evilkahos - Issue resolved. :-)

 This is also affecting me.

I hate to be a bother, but i am also experiencing this issue.

I am also having this problem.

I am experiencing the same issue. Please fix?