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Sign up and unlock all features

I still have "Sign up and unlock all features" unchecked and haven't got the 500 RP rewards, am i missing something or is this also part of the bug/glitch in processing ?

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I haven't received my points either is there something special you have to do?

Both of you should have your 500 RP now. Thanks for letting us know.

I also have the same problem and I don't know if I do all to recive those points;/

i haven't got my points neither

I need help with the same problem

i have not received mine either. i managed to sort out all the stuff with gaining rp except doing offers from within client (now i have to do through chrome) my girl friend had no problem with the 500rp sign up bonus but i do lol also my psn wont link or my xbox live acc's psn is found but code verification in the "about me" sectionj of account info in the xmb is entered correctly but still wont verify and apparently my xbox live acc there are no games for it yet ive 100% achievements on every game on this account. the account is public and so is my psn account. ty in advance for sortiung my dilema dudes. i submitted a ticket but people saying its dealt with faster through forums. 

I have the same issue on my account - the 500pts for the sign up and unlock all features listing is still available. Upon clicking it, I'm taken to my dashboard. Am I (and others) simply missing something there?

Additionally, I'm unable to link my Steam account. I've entered my SteamID (Steam_0:0:XXXXXX) numerous times, but each time Raptr searches, it claims no games are found for my ID, and that I should check the spelling or enter a new ID. I've also tried the 32-bit ID and both the decimal and hexidecimal 64-bit ID numbers, all to no avail.
I also have the same problem with the 500pts for sign up and unlock all features.
Thanks for looking at it.


I went ahead and solved everyone's issue (in this forum) for the 500 RP issue.

@smokezzxextremezz - PSN and Xbox connectivity is down for an undetermined amount of time. 

@razberybandit - What is your Steam ID so I can help you out?

 Hey Verun i already made a raptr support ticket but i waited 11 days for an answer and i am pissed off by this cause no one answered. Can i have my 500 Rp points because i did the sign up and even linked facebook and steam... please.

Got the same problem here. Need help!

I've not got mine either.

 yeh i've got the same problem aswell, didnt get my sign up points too


Thank you. I managed to sort the Steam account link through the client after it refused to link through my browser.

If you find a free moment, could you look into ticket #4090?

Thanks again.