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Replay/Record captured videos are visually just static/noise, audio fine

I just acquired and started playing with Gaming Evolved. 

Seems slick so far, but the Replay/GVR functions seems to capture only 'static' (as though a television signal is not working). The audio comes through fine.

I have attempted various recording settings but other than performance changes, nothing seems to improve the static being captured. 

I am able to record fine with other gameplay recording applications I have purchased over the years (Bandicam, FRAPS, Dxtory) and free game recording programs such as MSI's Afterburner [sorry to mention competitors, but all of the above do not have this issue]. 

I saw threads about Green Screens and Black Screens through Searching the forum first, but felt that this was possibly not the same issue...

Attached is the captured thumbnail for the video (which looks exactly the same, only 'moving', of course)

Thank you for any ideas!

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After some more Troubleshooting, it seems that Gaming Evolved (or just the Replay feature) does not like SLI mode (2x NVIDIA GPUs). Disabling SLI resulted in a video with audio and video! 

The performance however (and quality) were quite disappointing, however... I did find a "Software Mode" under the options for Replay, but even after Disabling that, the performance did not improve - it is quite a bit lower than other recording programs (even ones with 'buffered recording', such as FRAPS and Afterburner). Reducing the recording (Replay) settings did not improve performance with Replay running very much at all. 

At least there is video now in the Replays [after turning off SLI mode]. I'll leave this up here in case it helps anyone else with static/corrupted Replay recordings