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Account Hacked (Maybe)

I filed a problem ticket a couple of weeks ago and never got a reply. It only just occurred to me that with the problem there was no way to reply via email.

Anyways, the problem is that my email has been changed and I don't know how. I have access to my account, obviously, but I can't change my email because any changes need to be confirmed via email.

Currently the email's domain is, which I have no clue anything about that.

It needs to be changed back to so I can make use of my account fully.

Please help and thank you whomever replies.

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same problem here, i realized that i have purchases that i never did, now i cant change the email and looks like i wasted 9000RP on 2 purchases.

I'll look for an Email to write to.

It's been almost two weeks. I would still like assistance in this.

Now it's been three weeks. There has to be someone who wants to help me at least. Please? 

Forget the support. I have a ticket open since 40 DAYS and not one reply! There is NO support-team! (If there is any, they are the worst support ever)

same problem too, i'm going to uninstall raptr and buy a nvidia card.

We have around 650 tickets per CS employee at Raptr (That is not counting forum posts). We're a bit behind and it's very hard to get caught up with the user population we have. But I went ahead and went through each of your issues:

kakatios - Your issue is solved now. However, let me know if anything else went wrong.

desmon24 - Your issue was actually resolved a few days after you posted your comment here.

XSamsaX - You fixed your own issue. Sorry for not responding; see first paragraph. 

kalice123 - Your issue is corrected and points refunded. Next time though, please stick to one ticket. Making 5 separate tickets just slows things down.