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Can't change email

Trying to change my email to torke0013 at gmail dot com (writing it like this for security reasons).

It just says "can't update account information, contact support" So here we are. Could you change my email address so I can get rewards.. Not sure why there is a such a weird email linked to the account currently :)



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I went ahead and changed you're email to what you wanted it (it was also the old email address) and I also sent a password reset request to you. I didn't see any points lost, so there was no recovery there needed. Let me know if you need any other assistance. 

I even tried ro create a new account to no avail.. However If you could please my address to endacomm10@cox dot  net it would be greatly appreciated!

@felzul - Are you unable to change the account email yourself? 

You should be able to change it at this link.

Hi Verun,

I am having the same issue as well, my account has been hacked and the email changed. I am unable to change it myself and it says I need to contact support.

The email account I registered Raptr with and the one that should be on my account is michaelzann at gmail dot com.



Sorry for the delay. 

I went ahead and changed your email and sent a password reset request. 

Can you confirm whether you purchased a 400 Smite Gems reward back in October?

Hi Verun,

I have checked, I did not do this purchase:

10/27/14Purchased item: Smite 400 GemsPurchased-4,000 RP

Can you please reverse it.


PS: Account has been fixed :)


Alright, the 4000 RP has been refunded back to you. Thanks for confirming with me. Have a great day!

The email hooked up to my account is no longer active and I keep getting the "cant update account info, please contact support" whenever I try to change it to drewthegamer26 at gmail dot com. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Verun is it a possibility that you can change mines as well? It's giving me the same error.


Yeah, I can totally help. For privacy sake though (not giving out your email) can you make tickets and then link back here with the ticket number?

Venrun thanks for the reply.

Ticket# Changing Email #7923


@tjet - Answered your ticket for you. You should be good to go!

@Verun Thank you very much.


same problem cant change email myself ticket #9691 change email