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Hacked Account

Hi there, it looks like my account has been hacked, there's 2 purchases that i never did.

400 smite gems and DIRT 3 Game. Account name is Desmon24 if u need more info just ask for it :D

Thanks you so much.

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Can anyone tell me a support email address?


I went ahead and gave the refund for the points lost. If you have not already, I would highly recommend changing your password. Let me know if you have any issues. (You may not get an answer for a few days due to the holidays; just a heads up).

The thing is that i can't change the email address someone changed it and i cant modify my profile, can u reset please the email address?

Thank u so much.

Can you provide the email address you would like associated with your Raptr account? I can change it from there. 

EDIT -- Went ahead and changed your email based on your previous tickets.

Thank you so much, problem solved :D