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1440p scaling issue of captured video on DX11

Hi guys I have been using the my 1440p Asus Swift to record and have been having a major problem.

When the video scales it to 1080p it does it's wrong and the text and details are all jagged. I've used all other recorders and no other ones do this including bandicam (which can record even in 1440p Motion JPEG, it's VCE recording function scales it correctly to 1080p.

I use Mantle so I am happy as it should be working properly soon, at the moment there are major issues with stuttering and tarring.

The new Mantle recording from Raptr actually scales correctly so I am happy that you guys fixed that or simply never introduced it on the Mantle side.

I just tried DX11 again hopping it was fixed since it works correctly when recording Mantle even though the video is still useless as it's flashes and stutters, that will soon be fixed as it's only just been added so I'm looking forward to that.

Below are screen captures of the videos for comparison one for DX11 and one for Mantle.

DX11 1440p scaling:

Mantle 1440p Scaling:

Guys it would be great for you guys to finally fix it as it's been like this on DX11 for months.

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I can't use DX11 because of the image is all distorted, you can see it in the text the best. Crossfire is working great on DX11 just the image scaled down to 1080p is distorted.

Mantle does it correctly displaying pixels and text as you can see in the comparison but the crossfire is broken and recording in general under Mantle. 

Therefore I can't use either as they are both broken for me. I've posted many times on the old website on the post about HERE.

I have been hopping forever for a solution.