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GE says I have to register Tera account, but I already have one

I decided to pick up Tera again, since I haven't played it in forever and I'm bored, but GE won't let me launch the game.  When I click the Install it I get an error message with Happy Cloud and it keeps wanting me to register for a Tera account, which I already have.

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I believe the listing under the Recommended assumes that you do not have the game (thus the push to create a new account). If you already have an account, I would recommend downloading Tera from their main website, installing it, and then opening the game normally. Once you've gotten into the game, logged in with your account, you should be able to see it in your Raptr Game Library and it will remove itself from the "Recommended" section. 

Thanks Verun. I had to do the full game download and was able to get it installed.