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I cant see all of the rewards, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

When i go to the store on the website (not logged in), it shows a lot of rewards. When I go to my desktop app, there are only like 25% of them there. Here are Some Picture:

Destope App


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Same problem here. Help me please !


I have this problem too.

@death_riser44 - Do you have AMD Gaming Evolved installed?

@rainzclouds - You need to have AMD Gaming Evolved installed as opposed to Raptr.


There are 3 Restrictions that can potentially prevent you from seeing certain rewards:

Location (Mentioned in this FAQ: HERE)PC HardwareRaptr Software

PC hardware indicates that the reward partners may request certain requirements such as brand-specific GPU's.

Software typically is whether you have "Raptr" or "AMD Gaming Evolved" installed.

Some rewards (such as the games offered by AMD) require a user to have both an AMD video card installed in their PC, and also have AMD Gaming Evolved installed before you can see the appropriate rewards.

If you still cannot see rewards even if you feel you meet all the above prerequisites, you're welcome to contact Customer Support regarding your missing store items.