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Tracking Steam Achievements and Hours is messed up and cant use Sync Steam Hours or Achievements on the Website

So i can tell that my hours and achievements arent always being tracked and when i try to fix it by using the "Sync steam hours" and "update steam achievements" buttons they dont do anything, it seems like its going through but then nothing happens hours after ive clicked them.

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If i'm not wrong raptr did/does not sync steam hours and achivments automatically, unless you had raptr app running.

Clicking the buttons to "sync steam hours" on the website it will only update your hours up until that moment it won't start tracking them without the app,

though in a future update it may be able idk.


Steam tracking is kind of spotty, although it's going through from time to time. We're working to try and get it stable again, although with the recent holiday sale things might be....fairly spotty as it is. 

I'm trying to get more specific cases of it though. Can you provide some game time or achievements that are wrong so I can take a look at them?