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Unable to LOG into Twitch Account.

I have tried numerous times to figure out what might be the issue with this. I have checked and double checked my log in information.

When i choos to log into twitch it asks for my info which i correctly enter. Then i click enter and the fields that show my information remove my information and im left with this window behind the twitch log in window. Frankly you cant even see this window i have shown in topic until you have escaped out of the existing twitch log in window.

First question. Why so many windows.

Second question. When will this be able to work for me?

Closing this app has my mouth watering to appreciate the time and dedication to you all for creating, and supporting the raptr community. I hope this would be fixed before i just Xsplit, or OBC my way out of here lol.

FYI - tech support via phone would be something amazing if its in your budget.

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