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Raptr Automatically scanning on start up.

First is there an option to prevent Raptr reading my hard drive at the maximum read rate every time I load it?

Secondly is this is not an option what is it not as it is a stupid feature to make a not needed piece of software increase the time it take me to play games from 1-2 minutes to 15-20 minutes. I like the features of Raptr but having my hard drive spinning as fast as it can every time I turn my PC on is stupid enough to make me install it.

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Well it sounds like it's not working as intended. Raptr typically has very little pull on your HD. From a fresh boot, Raptr (or AMD Gaming Evolved) should only take about 1 minute max, typically it starts up in less than 15 seconds. It sounds like it's constantly trying to re-read your entire library, do a game scan, check for drivers etc. 

Do you have to re-login everytime Raptr starts? Is it rescanning everything? Does it come up with any kind of error?

The answer is no, there is not an option to do that.