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5760 x 1080 resolution support for replay?


are there any plans to add 5760 x 1080 resolution support for replay?


To be able to select the center monitor



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Not in the immediate future. We're waiting on a few things and tools to be created before we start getting into 4k resolutions. We do have the hardware here, but we'll want to make sure we do it right. So while I doubt we'll have anything very soon, we definitely are getting ready for it.

So it's been 11 months now, any progress on the whole 5760x1080 thing or is this still considered the "immediate future"? Cheers

Correct, we currently don't anything paved for 4k quite yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, if you're doing 5760x1080 I would assume you're using some kind of technology like Eyefinity? 

@VERUN That's correct, I'm using Eyefinity. It records the entire screen just fine, it's just that because the highest resolution is 1080p it's pretty fuzzy on some details. Thanks for the reply.