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Processing order...

Just like the title says, when i click to purchase rewards it just loads and loads and loads processing order.

This is just getting ridiculous, many people already have this problem, so whats the problem?

I have sended support tickets contacted staff but they all leave me empty handed, support tickets doesn;t even answer after 2 weeks and staff just tells me to wait (prob for ever).

Maybe you can just force take my points and give me the reward?

Because i know this will never get fixed...

3 people have this problem

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Yeah, just give me those gems finally. ._.

But honestly, raptr support is a sad joke. They have endless lunch break. I just submitted another ticket that tickets system does not work. :s

Well we have over 1000 tickets to get through soo....Probably just haven't gotten to yours yet. 

Either way, the Processing Error is a top priority and we're still having our engineers try to find a solution. 

Please do not send multiple tickets regarding the same issue, that doesn't speed up the response time, if may actually slow it down.

We have recently solved the current "Processing Issue" for users. Although we have tested this out with a few users with absolute success, we cannot account for every single user. You're welcome to purchase the rewards you have been wanting, but if you continue to have issues please let us know and respond back to this forum or create a ticket. We thank you for your patience.