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Verification Account


A while ago i received a mail to verify my account and it worked all fine. I purchased the 400 gem reward and now i have enough points for the 200 gem reward but for some reason i have to verify my account again. I try to let them send a mail but i never get it so i can't verify my account. Can somebody explain me why I never get the verification E-mail?


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Have you checked your spam folder? 

What country are you in?

Yes, but there was nothing...

Same problem here


Please help us D:


I went ahead and okayed some of your IP's. However, you may still run across some issues in the future until we can fully get it taken care of.

VERUN still having problems

 Its sad

Right...that's why I mentioned I can do temporary fixes, but if your IP keeps on changing there isn't much I personally can do until the engineers can correct it.

Now its fixed thanks man!!!!


Thank you very much!

I still can't complete my order, it keeps loading...

That is the processing error issue. We're still working to correct that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hopefully this error will be fixed soon.