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Can't Connect steam friend list

I am trying to add steam friend list. I have add my steam info, i get a Activation code enter that in But it will not connect.

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Has it ever worked for you?

Is it working now?

Ever since the Holiday sale, Steam connection has been spottier than normal. 

We may be able to try a few things but I'd be interested to see if it corrected itself.

I am having problems logging in the steam through raptr and the friend search function returns no results for my friends user names.

Steam connection on the client is not working as intended right now due to a change made on Steam's end. We're currently aware of the issue and are looking into a resolution. Thank you for letting us know.

Still no resolution? I tried reconnecting to my steam account today and it just keeps telling me I have an incorrect username or password which I know is not true because it works in the steam client itself and the website for steam.

Correct, it is still not working.