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500 RP? I haven't recieved it yet.

When I clicked the Verification from my Email account, it directed me too the or something and I don't know if it worked but the main problem is that I haven't recieved my RP points

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tried yesterday and also today and nothing. no RP,  yesterday i couldnt get any RP, today i was able to get a few, but also no RP from either email verification neither signup. My teammate did the same and got all that, on the first try...

Okay, I fixed both of your issues regarding the 500 RP. However, angelhandofgod, missing the email verification points is odd and very new. We'll take some time to try an investigate, but in the mean time I just went ahead and granted you 200 RP. Let me know if you notice anything else strange, or you get your 200 RP from the email.

The 500RP problem was fixed has soon as i connected. Regarding the email verification, i could ask again for verification and i received it again, now being able to win the 200 RP. So both problems solved. Thank you for your time.

Wait.. got 200RP but my email verification still appears as not being done. Still some bug in that one. Thanks for the ahead RP.

Yeah, we just have all hands on deck with other issues right now and only 2 users (including yourself) have mentioned the issue. So it could just be a fluke, small error, but we're going to keep our ears to the ground if we hear about the issue more. But either way, if you manage to get the 200 RP from verifying email, you can keep the 200 we gave you :-)