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Some games don't have achievements on raptr. Plus some games their achievements aren't tracked at all...

Civilization Beyond Earth came out a while back and Raptr doesn't track any achievements yet, just saying...

Oh and with some Xbox 360 games, like Dante's Inferno, it doesn't track ANY achievements. No matter how many times you click on syncing up it doesn't show any of the achievements. Not only I have this problem, but some of my friends do too, with the same game.

I guess Raptr just has trouble with tracking new games anyway, since it didn't track +30 hours of Dragon Age Inquisition for the Xbox 360 of a friend of mine.

I'm just wondering when these little things are fixed or if they will ever be fixed? 

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The Xbox or PSN stuff currently doesn't have a ETA on when it will be fixed. 

The Steam achievements are still being affected. We're taking a look at it while trying to get some other stuff fixed. However, we'd would like to get resolved sooner than later.