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GVR running out of memory

So, i have 12GB free on my secondary HDD (where i save the GVR videos) , i was playing chivalry and i noticed GVR stopped after around 5-10 minutes, i opened the in-game overlay and there were like 5 errors saying "running out of HDD space, storage available: 1.5GB" or something like that.  After closing the game i still have 12GB, and 1 GVR vid has only 200MB, so i don't see why it runs out of available disk space while playing. 

I just reminded that i was streaming so here it is what actually happened at 6:30 mins mark 

Even if my HDD was actually running out of space (i doubt it tho since i would get that windows pop up with low storage space) , it's not normal to use 10GB for last 30 seconds of gameplay like i had it at that moment.

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Hey Redbull,

I apologize for the very late delay in a response. We've been fairly slammed with a lot of tickets so I'm trying to get through everything.

As for your issue though,

What it sounds like is that you're caching a lot for the replay. Now while you may have set the 30 second replay, we typically cache more than that up to 20 minutes. So while you are streaming (I assume with another piece of software since I don't believe you can Twitch stream AND Replay at the same time) it will accumulate the time at 1080 (which is also an assumption, but sounds like it would lead to the cause). So accumulating all this together, it would hold about 60GB. 

Now, there are a few solutions until we can get a wrangle in on the cache issue:

  • You could turn off Replay. This will prevent the cache from collecting. You could enable GVR which won't cache anything, but I understand the importance of a feature like Replay.
  • You could lower the quality of what is saved to 720. This will cache at a max of 6GB instead of 60GB. 

So until we can get a better handle on the caching issue those are the 2 possible solutions. Let me know if you've tried the above, or figured it out, or anything really. Once again, sorry for the late reply.


I am using the following settings for it: 30sec,  50mb/s bitrate, 60fps, 1080p and is says it records at around 375mb/min. 

Now you telling me it might cache 20 mins instead of only 30 seconds makes sense and should explain it.

I was streaming with another software as you assumed, but it has nothing to do with it, same thing is happening without streaming.

So looks like the solution might be clearing some more space on my HDD, i'm going to try that and see how it works.

My question is why is it caching 20 mins if i set it to 30 seconds?  It would make sense to cache for around 400MB as it says on the quality settings window.

Sorry for the late response again, same reasoning as above. Just busy with all the tickets.

As for why we cache 20 mins if you set to 30 seconds, the simple answer is "That is currently how it is coded". I don't think that is our full intention to keep it like that, but right now it's working while other things are not. So we're running around fixing what we can and we'll go through and polish things once everything looks clear. 

Sorry I couldn't give you a more technical reason.