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Can you please not use percentages for output and use resolutions instead?

Not everyone games at 1080p some people game at 1440p and greater. The problem arises when you want to stream using raptr. The output options are 100%, 50%, and 25%. 

do the math if you game at 1440p you cant stream at 1080p with those choices.

Seems like it would be easy enough to give us real choices instead, like 1080p.720p, 480p etc..

in fact I cant think of another program that allows twitch streaming that locks you into percentages of your resolution.


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I can't wait till Mantle crossfire is working right. They should support Motion JPEG I can record with my 2x 290x's at 1440p on Bandicam. They even have their SDK available! VCE is limited to 1080p motion JPEG isn't and it performs better than the VCE H.264. On Bandicam the fps hit is almost none.

Do you get the issue below when recording at 1440p with raptr, look at the text, at least their Mantle version scales 1440p correctly.

That's because Bandicam uses AMD APP. (So does Mirrilis Action!, btw) . AMD APP performs better than AMD VCE which is pretty odd considering VCE stands for Video Coding Engine. As a side note - Any program that uses AMD VCE seems to break crossfire when streaming BF4 (OBS, Playclaw, Raptr, etc..). So if you want to stream BF4 and you have a crossfire system your only option is to either use Action! version 1.17.3 (they broke it in version 1.20.2) or you can use Dxtory's direct show output into another streaming program like OBS.,FF-Split, or X-Split.