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Dragon Age AMD Gift Pack - This code has already been used.

Hi All,

The issue as much as topic says:

When I try to redeem the code on Origin(client or web) I'm getting "This code has already been used" message.

I've checked the game Add-ons and Bonuses - the AMD pack is not present there.

Please advise...  

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 I am also getting the same message

Sorry for the late reply. Can you create a ticket regarding the issue (if you have not already)? Once you've done that, post back here with the ticket #. I can provide you with a new code.

ticket number #3759

Ticket number #4169

Sorry for the delay. I've replied back to both of you with Dragon Age Codes.

I have a problem too. #6355

@rihim - I have gone ahead and sent you another code. Thanks for writing in and sorry for the delay.

I, too, submitted a ticket 3 weeks ago with this same issue (#5821).

I have replied to your ticket, seraphym1. Let us know if you continue to have issues. 

same Problem, Tocket No #8021


Plz Help my gift code is already used Plz i need help 

same issue :)

ticket number #11058

 Also having the same issue with redeeming the Gift Code.

Ticket #11953

Same problème :D